Hot Buttered Rum

Silk Stocking Inn, #4

“Every story needs a happy ending.”


An irresistibly sweet and wickedly sexy standalone tale from bestselling authors Tess Oliver and Anna Hart.


Ginger, a successful engineer by day and steamy romance writer by night, has everything she could ever want . . . well almost everything. Her own story is missing a crucial part–the swoon-worthy hero who will lead to happily ever after.
In the real world, the world outside the fantastical Silk Stocking Inn, Ginger never allows men to control her. But once she crosses the threshold of the magical inn and meets the incredibly handsome and slightly rogue Captain Turner, Ginger wants nothing more than to be his captive, his plaything. Is Turner the man who will finally give Ginger that elusive happy ending?


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 Cover photo by: Sara Eirew Photographer